It's Nice to Meet You!

Explore Interactive utilizes iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and smartphones with students in K-12th grade to increase standardized test scores. The Explore! platform allows students to touch, move, and experiment with a concept and practice skills, catering to auditory, visual, and tactile learners. Our goal is to ignite a passion for learning in the next generation of students.

Wesley Virt

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Wesley’s main responsibility insures Explore Interactive creates value for students, administrators, and parents from across the nation. To accomplish this goal, Wesley has interviewed over 75 teachers and administrators from across the nation and extensively researched the best pedagogical approaches to include in Explore!’s missions.

Chris Palermo

Chief Marketing Officer

As native of Silicon Valley, Chris has an infectious energy and passion for innovation. His role within Explore Interactive involves marketing the platform to parents, teachers, and administrators.

Thanh Tran

Software Development Director

Thanh is passionate about bringing technology to education. With experiences in full-stack development and cloud, he's responsible for building the platform.

Sam Rosser

Animation & 3D Development Director

Samuel Rosser is a sophomore at Purdue University. He is currently majoring in Game Studies and Animation. He was responsible for the modeling, texturing, and character design for Explore Interactive. On his free time, Sam runs a heavy metal club, collects vinyl, and plays indie games.

Charles Frey

Educational Research Associate

Charles is passionate about the future of education and is ecstatic to assist the Explore Interactive team by researching current education standards, analyzing classroom technology dynamics, and reporting on user interaction tests.

Jack Allen

Program Coordinator

Jack is originally from the Pacific Northwest where the passion for innovation and creativity flourishes. Jack's involvement in the team revolves around strategic thinking, business insights, and technology innovation and integration.

Jim Dreher


With the Silicon Valley experience of founding and launching several startups, Jim integrates his extensive knowledge of startups to advise Explore Interactive on potential emerging markets in the EdTech industry. Jim also serves as an Industry Mentor & Advisor to UCLA’s MedTech Innovations Program.

Dr. Amanda Thompson


As a Corporate Finance Professor and experienced entrepreneur, Dr. Thompson oversees the strategic and financial planning within Explore Interactive. She also assists in preparing for and understanding interactions with external funders.

Dr. Victoria Lowell


Dr. Lowell has published several research studies analyzing the effects of immersive technologies in educational settings, such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Her work with Explore! helps to analyze the effectiveness of our platform with local students in elementary school.