Key Platform Features

Augmented Reality

Explore! utilizes augmented reality technology to place 3D models on the students desk, using any iPad, laptop, or smartphone.

Inquiry Based Learning

Instead of learning science and math concepts from a textbook or video, students discover concepts through experimentation.


Learning math and science feels like a game, as each lesson is a "mission" that students complete.

Save Time & Money

Instead of setting up materials for a lab, minimal setup is required. Just download the app and print out our flashcards!

PLatform Demo Free HTML5 Template Bootstrap

QR Codes

Users will see 3D images like this battery and light bulb appear through the mission. Free HTML5 Template Bootstrap

Helpful Instruction

Once users successfully fulfill tasks, they will see messages like this. Free HTML5 Template Bootstrap

State Standardized Ready Quizzes ©

With state standardized questions, our platform will allow students to increase their test scores. Free HTML5 Template Bootstrap


Students will be able to experiment with many different options to complete the mission, as seen above.

I’ve never seen a classroom technology like this before, and I’ve been working as a curriculum director for 15 years.

Angie Miller, Curriculum Director, Caston School Corporation